Pittsburgh Boxer embarks on journey to world championship starting this weekend

From Teenage Dreamer to World Champion: The Inspiring Journey of Mary Casamassa

Mary Casamassa is a professional boxer who trains at Jack’s Boxing Gym in Ross Township six days a week. She is passionate about the sport and sees it as a challenge that allows her to test herself and pursue her dreams of becoming a world champion. Casamassa has the drive, determination, and big personality necessary to achieve her goals.

Since she was a teenager, Casamassa has been training with Jack Mook, the head trainer at Jack’s Boxing Gym. Mook believes in her talent and potential, describing her as the real deal and someone who can go all the way in the sport. Casamassa works full-time as an engineer while juggling a rigorous training regimen that includes multiple hours of training each day to prepare for her upcoming fights.

Casamassa’s next big opportunity comes at the Brawl at the Hall event at Steamfitters 499 Union Hall in Harmony, where she will face boxing veteran Olivia Gerula in a 10-round main event. This fight will be a significant challenge for Casamassa, who has never fought beyond six rounds before. However, she is determined to succeed and hopes to bring home a title as the WIBA Super Middleweight champion.

With a win on Saturday, Casamassa could potentially propel herself into the world rankings and move closer to her ultimate goal of becoming a world champion. She credits her faith and pre-fight rituals, such as praying with her trainer, for helping her focus and prepare mentally for her matches. Casamassa’s dedication and hard work have positioned her as a rising star in the boxing world, and she hopes to make her family proud by achieving her dreams.

Casamassa’s journey towards becoming a world champion began when she was just young girl inspired by watching boxing matches with her brothers. She started training with Jack Mook when she was only 15 years old.

Mook saw something special in Casamassa from the very beginning, recognizing her talent and potential as one of his most promising trainees.

“She has always been dedicated to improving,” said Mook “She comes into every workout with an attitude of excellence.”

Casamassa’s hard work paid off when she made it into several national competitions over the years.

Her ultimate goal was always to become world champion.

But getting there would not be easy.

The next step on that journey came when Casamassa was selected to compete in The Brawl at The Hall event at Steamfitters 499 Union Hall in Harmony.

There she would face off against veteran boxer Olivia Gerula in a 10-round main event.

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