Eurostat News Reports that 41% of Scientists and Engineers Are Women in Employment

Women in Science and Engineering: A Step Towards Equality but Still a Long Way to Go

In 2022, the number of female scientists and engineers in the EU increased by 310,500 to reach almost 7.3 million, accounting for 41% of total employment in science and engineering. Despite this progress, women remain underrepresented in certain sectors and countries.

According to recent data, women make up only 22% of those employed as scientists and engineers in the manufacturing sector, compared to 46% in the service sector. Additionally, the proportion of female scientists and engineers varies widely among EU Member States, ranging from a high of 53% in Denmark and Lithuania to a low of 31% in Hungary and Finland.

The highest shares of women employed in science and technology occupations were observed at the NUTS1 level in Lithuania (64.1%), Corse (63.9%) and Latvia (62.7%). On the other hand, regions with the smallest proportions of females employed in science and technology include Nord-Ovest (45.3%), Malta (45.8%) and Sud (46.1%).

Today marks International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which aims to highlight the achievements of women scientists and engineers while also raising awareness about the need for more diversity in these fields.

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