WhatsApp Launches Enhanced Security Feature to Guard Users Against Phishing Scams | Technology Update

WhatsApp Introduces New Features to Protect Users from Phishing Scams and Announces New Education Resources

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular instant messaging platform, is now offering a new feature to protect its users from phishing scams. With over 2.78 billion users globally, it has become increasingly difficult for cybercriminals to target a large number of people with phishing and smishing attempts. In response to this issue, WhatsApp has introduced features like silent unknown numbers and the ability to report a number, allowing the app to analyze and permanently delete suspicious accounts.

One of the latest additions to WhatsApp’s safety tools is a feature that allows users to quickly block a message from an unknown number without having to open the app. On the lock screen, users now have the option to reply and add the contact to their list or block and report the number. This streamlines a previously tedious process, making it easier for users to identify and block unwanted contacts with just a phone number.

In addition to this new feature, WhatsApp is also providing education on how

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