Student Business Innovations Shine in Creative Showcase at The Columns, Washington and Lee University

Washington and Lee University Hosts Inaugural Creative Showcase Bridging Academic Theory with Real-World Entrepreneurial Practice

Washington and Lee University’s Connolly Center for Entrepreneurship is hosting its first Creative Showcase on April 4 from 5-8 p.m. at the Houston H. Harte Center for Teaching and Learning in Leyburn Library. The event is open to the public and free of charge.

The Creative Showcase aims to bridge academic theory with entrepreneurial practice by giving W&L students a platform to showcase their innovation and execution skills. Students have worked in groups to develop their own business concepts and products to present at the Creative Showcase, allowing them to gain experience in navigating the real-world dynamics of entrepreneurship.

According to Anushka Daunt, assistant professor of business administration, the value of the showcase for W&L students lies in the practical experience it offers. Students not only learn how to develop projects in theory but also get the opportunity to present their work professionally, simulating a real business setting.

The Creative Showcase will feature a variety of innovations ranging from new applications to streamline social media usage, cutting-edge medical devices, consumable goods for daily use, and engaging board games. These projects are interdisciplinary, with contributions from various academic departments, highlighting the diverse talents of W&L students.

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