Mayor of Uvalde Steps Down Due to Health Concerns

Uvalde Police Chief and Mayor Resign Following Controversial Report on School Shooting Response

Uvalde Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez announced his resignation, effective April 6, following the release of a controversial report that defended the actions of local law enforcement during the response to the deadly 2022 Robb Elementary School shooting. The resignation of Mayor Cody Smith coincided with Rodriguez’s departure, as he cited health concerns and the need to focus on his recovery from recent unexpected health issues.

In a statement released on Monday, Mayor Smith expressed his gratitude to the Uvalde community for their support and did not provide any further details about his health issues. The city council was scheduled to meet on Tuesday to discuss the report in a private session, but the meeting was postponed due to concerns for the mayor’s health.

The independent investigation was conducted by private investigator Jesse Prado, who was paid $97,000 for his work. When Prado presented the findings to the city council in a special meeting, it sparked anger among victims’ families and community members. The report has brought increased scrutiny to the actions of local law enforcement during the tragic school shooting.

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