Understanding Epilepsy following Omer Detz’s passing | Dr. Itai Gal

Unraveling Epilepsy: Understanding the Causes and Treatments of this Neurological Disorder

Epilepsy is a medical condition that affects about one percent of the world’s population. While most cases are genetic, head injuries, brain tumors, and drug and alcohol use can also trigger seizures. The cause of epileptic seizures is often unclear, which makes it difficult to develop effective treatments.

One common treatment for epilepsy is medication that helps prevent electrical disturbances and reduce the risk of repeated seizures. Around half of patients respond well to drug treatment and experience a full quality of life with minimal seizures. However, 30% require complex drug regimens for severe attacks.

Some patients may be resistant to drug treatment and may need surgery to remove the epileptic focus in their brain. Other temporary conditions like exposure to drugs or poisons or abnormal blood levels of sodium or glucose can sometimes cause convulsions, but these usually do not recur once the underlying issue is resolved.

Epilepsy can be a lifelong condition, but modern drug treatments allow most patients to lead normal lives with some eventually needing less medication or even stopping treatment altogether. EEG tests are typically used to diagnose epilepsy by recording brain waves over time and detecting changes that indicate epileptic activity requiring drug treatment.

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