Nic Fink leads in the 50 Breaststroke event.

Unpredictable Results as Third Day of Prelims Comes to a Close at World Championships in Doha

The third day of prelims at the World Championships in Doha began with Nicolo Martinenghi heading the first seeded heat in the 50m breaststroke. Martinenghi, a rising star in the world of swimming, had been tearing apart the competition in his first two heats, posting times that were among the fastest of all those who had competed so far.

Nic Fink and Adam Peaty, two of the biggest names in men’s breaststroke, were side by side in lanes four and five of the fifth prelim. Fink had a fantastic start and soon had a half-bodylength lead, with clear water between him and Peaty. Both swimmers knew that they would need to be on their toes if they wanted to make it into the semifinals.

As it turned out, Fink finished first in 26.66 ahead of Caspar Corbeau (27.11) and Peaty (27.23), which was slower than his first 50 in the 100 final. However, Fink was thrilled with his performance and knew that he had what it took to make it into the finals. Ilya Shymanovich, competing as a Neutral Individual Athlete, matched Fink’s time in the final prelim to lead the way into the semis.

Sam Williamson (26.69), Martinenghi (26.79), and Peter Stevens (26.79) were next swiftest through with Peaty qualifying 12th. The competition was unpredictable as some swimmers who had been top contenders during training sessions stumbled during prelims while others like Williamson surprised many by making it into

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