Statistics from Israel’s Central Social Security Center reveal that 22 out of every thousand children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Unprecedented Surge in Autism Diagnoses: Israel’s Rate of Diagnosis Rises to One in 167

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, there were 57,233 people living in Israel diagnosed on the autism spectrum in 2022. This amounts to 5.9 people per 1,000 of the population (one in 167). Among those diagnosed, 77% were male, and 81% were under the age of 18. Furthermore, 92% of those diagnosed were Jewish. Within the Jewish community, 42% of those diagnosed are children of an Ashkenazi father, while 26% are children of a Sephardic father.

Among those with additional disabilities, 46% had at least one additional disability beyond their autism diagnosis. Additionally, 9% had two or more additional diagnoses. The number of individuals diagnosed has increased significantly over the past two decades, from just over four per thousand among those born in 2000 to over twenty-two per thousand among those born in 2018.

The rate of diagnosis for Jewish boys rose from ten per thousand among those born in 2000 to nearly forty per thousand among those born in

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