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Unpacking the Politics Behind Beijing’s 2022 Olympic Winter Games Bid: A Look at John Wendt’s ‘The Games of Muted Joy’

Beijing 2022: The Games of Muted Joy

John Wendt, a former professor of the Department of Ethics and Business Law, recently wrote an article titled “Beijing 2022: The Games of Muted Joy”. This article was published in the Entertainment and Sports Lawyer Journal, which is the official publication of the Forum on the Entertainment and Sports Industries of the American Bar Association.

The bidding process for the XXIV Olympic Winter Games to be held in 2022 was a long and arduous one. Several cities initially began bidding to host the games between 2012 and 2014. However, by the time 2015 approached, many of these cities had dropped out of the running. In total, six cities submitted their bids for the games, including Beijing, China, Almaty, Kazakhstan, Lima, Peru, Oslo, Norway, Pyeongchang

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