The Impact of Technology Adoption on Farm Profitability in Brazil

Unlocking the Secrets to Farm Profitability in Brazil: The Role of Technology and Land Ownership

In the agricultural industry, many are interested in exploring the topic of farm profitability and technology adoption in Brazil. According to Alex Wimbush, chief digital officer of Lavoro Ag, Brazilian farmers tend to be more profitable than their counterparts in the United States. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including weather and land ownership.

One key factor is that Brazilian farmers often own their land at a higher rate than U.S. farmers, which allows them to grow multiple crops per year. This leads to higher profitability for these farmers. In contrast, U.S. farmers are known for being more productive in terms of yield per acre, but this comes at the cost of lower profitability compared to their Brazilian counterparts.

Technology adoption plays a significant role in this difference, with U.S. farmers being quick to adopt new seeds, genetics, crop protection, and biological tools. However, when it comes to digital adoption, there is still room for improvement among Brazilian farmers. While they may be more profitable overall, there are lower percentages of farmers using tools like FieldView or John Deere Ops Center compared to their U.S. counterparts.

Lavoro Agro, Latin America’s largest agricultural retailer, is well aware of these differences and is working to help improve digital adoption among Brazilian farmers

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