AI Applications in Healthcare: Evaluating Augmented Intelligence versus Artificial Intelligence in Medicine | Latest Update from the AMA

Unleashing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: AMA Update’s Insights on Augmented Intelligence and Machine Learning Models

AMA Update is a valuable resource that covers a range of healthcare topics impacting physicians, residents, medical students, and patients. This platform features insights from experts in the field of medicine, including private practice and health system leaders, scientists, and public health officials. Some of the key areas of focus include COVID-19, medical education, advocacy issues, burnout, vaccines and more.

One of the featured topics on AMA Update is the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare. In this session, doctors discuss how AI is utilized in their practice and explore the concept of augmented intelligence. Machine learning models (LLMs) are also discussed as they play a role in medicine. Ambient AI for medical documentation is also examined during this discussion. Vincent Liu, MD, MS, chief data officer at The Permanente Medical Group shares his expertise on this topic with AMA Chief Experience Officer Todd Unger hosting the conversation.

The transcript of the discussion will be made available for reference. It’s important to note that the views expressed by participants in the video may not necessarily align with those of the AMA. Subscribers can stay informed about the latest developments in healthcare by receiving videos featuring expert opinions from the AMA directly in their inbox. These videos offer valuable insights on important healthcare topics that impact various stakeholders in the medical field.

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