Bilateral agreements on artificial intelligence security signed between Great Britain and the USA

United States and United Kingdom Sign Groundbreaking Agreement on AI Safety: Paving the Way for Global Collaboration in Advanced Technologies

The United States and the United Kingdom have made history by signing an agreement on artificial intelligence, marking the first formal collaboration between the two countries on the testing and assessment of emerging AI models. This groundbreaking agreement represents the world’s first bilateral agreement focused on the safety of AI, as governments worldwide are increasingly seeking greater regulations to address the risks associated with new technologies.

Notably, the agreement will facilitate collaboration between the UK’s new AI Safety Institute (AISI) and its US counterpart, enabling the exchange of expertise through the secondment of researchers from both countries. These institutes will work together to independently evaluate private AI models developed by companies like OpenAI and Google.

This partnership on AI safety signifies a significant step towards enhancing global cooperation and understanding in the field of artificial intelligence. The agreement outlines how the governments will share technical knowledge, information, and talent related to AI security. It also includes provisions for joint research projects focused on developing best practices for safe and secure use of AI.

The signing of this agreement comes at a time when there is growing concern about the potential misuse of AI in creating biological weapons and other dangerous applications. This includes concerns related to malicious cyber attacks and data breaches that could compromise critical infrastructure or steal sensitive information.

The United States and United Kingdom recognize that they must work together to address these challenges and ensure that emerging technologies are developed in a responsible manner that benefits society as a whole. This collaboration is expected to pave the way for future partnerships in areas such as quantum computing, robotics, and other advanced technologies that have transformative potential for both countries.

Overall, this historic agreement represents a major step forward in ensuring that artificial intelligence is developed in a safe and ethical manner that benefits society as a whole. It demonstrates how nations can collaborate to share knowledge, expertise, and resources in order to address common challenges facing humanity today.

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