If re-elected, Trump plans to conduct mass deportations

Trump Slams Immigration Reform in Senate: Mass Deportations, Border Security and Open Borders Policies

The rejection of an immigration reform package in the US Senate has been met with a mixed reaction from former President Donald Trump. While he has publicly announced plans for mass deportations if he is re-elected, Trump has also stated that he will support the entire open borders policy of the Biden administration.

At a rally in South Carolina, Trump emphasized that there is no other choice but to begin a large-scale national deportation operation. He called the failure of the legislative package a great victory for conservatives and promised to continue his efforts to secure the border.

The $118 billion legislative package failed in the Senate due to resistance from Republicans, who were opposed to changes in immigration policy and foreign aid linked to US border security. However, Trump’s rejection of the package has caused some controversy within his own party, as many Republicans are now considering a new package that decouples foreign aid from border policy.

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