Senate approves direct election of prime minister

Transforming Politics: The Groundbreaking Amendment to Elect the Prime Minister Directly

The Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate has approved the government’s amendment, which modifies article 92 of the Constitution and introduces direct election of the President of the Council of Ministers. This amendment aims to increase transparency and accountability in the political system by allowing for direct suffrage for the Prime Minister. The Government is made up of the Prime Minister and ministers, who together constitute the Council of Ministers.

The Prime Minister is elected by universal and direct suffrage for five years, for no more than two consecutive legislatures, raised to three if in the previous ones he held the office for a period of less than seven years and six months. This significant change in the election process ensures that citizens have a greater say in who becomes their leader.

The elections of the Chambers and of the Prime Minister take place at the same time. The law regulates this process by assigning a prize on a national basis that guarantees a majority of seats in each Chamber to lists and candidates linked to the Prime Minister. This principle ensures that citizens have a choice in their representatives and promotes representativeness.

After being elected, the Prime Minister is tasked with forming his government by appointing and revoking ministers as needed. This streamlines the process of government formation and gives elected leaders more autonomy to make decisions that best serve their constituents. Overall, this amendment represents an important step towards a more representative and responsive government structure.

In conclusion, this amendment aims to increase transparency and accountability in our political system by introducing direct suffrage for our head of government, while also streamlining government formation through giving elected leaders more autonomy to make decisions that best serve their constituents.

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