Health Ministers Gather in Crucial Year for Polio Eradication – Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI)

Towards a Polio-Free Future: Regional Health Ministers Gather to Discuss Strategies for Combat

In the recent 10th meeting of the Regional Subcommittee on Polio Eradication and Outbreaks, health ministers from the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region gathered virtually to discuss strategies for combating polio and achieving a polio-free future. The meeting, held under the leadership of Dr. Hanan Balkhy, the new WHO Regional Director for the Eastern Mediterranean, was an opportunity for these ministers to collaborate and exchange ideas.

During the meeting, Dr. Balkhy expressed her commitment to ending polio during her tenure and received praise from subcommittee co-chair Her Excellency Dr. Hanan Al-Kuwari, Minister of Public Health from Qatar. Mr. Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al Oweis, Minister of Health and Prevention of the United Arab Emirates, also expressed his excitement about Dr. Balkhy’s vision and expertise in leading regional efforts against polio.

The ministers discussed how Dr. Balkhy’s leadership could benefit the region and bring the world closer to eradicating polio. They emphasized the importance of working together and implementing effective strategies to combat the spread of the disease. The meeting was an opportunity for these ministers to collaborate on key issues such as improving vaccination coverage, increasing surveillance efforts, and addressing misinformation about polio among communities in the region.

Overall, this meeting highlighted the dedication of health ministers in the Eastern Mediterranean Region to eradicating polio and achieving a polio-free future through continued collaboration and action towards this goal. The regional efforts led by Dr. Balkhy are expected to make significant strides in this fight against polio and ensure that a world free from this disease is achieved sooner rather than later.

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