Israeli Social Media: Protest NGOs Lead Top 20 Advertisers, Smotrich in 19th Place

Top Israeli Social Media Advertisers Revealed: Galei Radio Report Lists Epoch Magazine As Biggest Spender

Top Israeli Social Media Advertisers Revealed

In the latest report by Galei radio correspondent Shachar Glick, a list of organizations that have spent the most money over the past three months to promote their campaigns on the Israeli segment of social networks Facebook and Instagram has been released. Epoch magazine tops the list, having spent almost 760 thousand shekels on its promotion. Veterans of the Yom Kippur War for the Defense of Democracy came in second, investing 658.5 thousand shekels in advertising.

Mihdal 23 (Failure 23) and Afkara (Left to Fate) followed closely behind in third and fourth place with 325.5 thousand and 290.5 thousand shekels invested in advertising, respectively. The Movement for the Quality of Power was fifth on the list, while Titpater Akhshav (“Resign”) and Mate Maavak – Nilhamim al-Democracy (Headquarters for the Struggle for Democracy) came in sixth and seventh with 173 thousand and 164 thousand shekels spent on advertising, respectively.

Nir Birkiya law firm was eighth on the list, followed by Ibadeta et Ha-Tzafon (“You have lost

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