Can tofu lower libido?

Tofu and Sexual Desire: Debunking the Myth

Recent studies have shown that tofu, a popular plant-based food, may not decrease sexual desire as some believe. This has alleviated concerns for individuals like Manh, 38 years old from Hanoi, who worry about the effects of consuming tofu on male hormones.

Tofu is a highly nutritious food that contains an abundance of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and vitamin B – all essential nutrients for overall health and energy levels. Protein is crucial for maintaining muscle health and sexual hormones while calcium and magnesium are important minerals for bone and muscle health. Iron helps deliver oxygen throughout the body supporting overall health and energy levels. B vitamins also play a role in sexual function and boosting energy levels.

Despite containing phytoestrogens similar to estrogen, research shows that consuming isoflavones from tofu does not significantly increase estrogen levels in men. This means eating tofu does not necessarily lead to a decrease in sexual desire. It’s important to focus on overall health and nutrition rather than excessive concern about the effects of certain foods on hormone levels. A balanced diet can support well-being by providing essential nutrients that contribute to healthy energy levels and promote optimal sexual function.

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