Hidden Dangers of the ‘Clean Look’ Trend: How it Can Lead to Hair Loss

TikTok’s Clean Look Hairstyle Trend: Style Caution and the Risk of Hair Loss

The clean look, a popular hairstyle trend on TikTok, has sparked concern among users on the X network about potential hair loss due to its tight updo style. Tutorials on social media demonstrate how to achieve this look by pulling back hair tightly and using fixative products like hairspray or gel. However, dermatologists who specialize in trichology warn that this hairstyle can cause damage to the hair fiber and lead to permanent hair loss in specific areas of the scalp, such as the front of the ears or forehead.

To understand the risks associated with the clean look, it is important to know how it is achieved. According to dermatologist Alba Gómez Zubiaur, the process involves straightening the roots, wetting the hair, pulling it back tightly, and using fixative products like hairspray or gel. Each of these steps carries risks. For example, straightening hair with high temperatures can damage the hair fiber, while wet hair is more vulnerable to breakage.

Wearing tight hairstyles like the clean look too frequently can also lead to tractional alopecia, a condition where tension on the hair follicle leads to permanent hair loss. Experts advise against wearing tight hairstyles regularly and recommend opting for looser styles that do not put as much strain on the roots. If someone experiences hair loss or thinning in specific areas of their scalp, they should seek advice from a dermatologist specializing in trichology for early diagnosis and treatment. Ultimately, prioritizing hair health and choosing hairstyles that do not put too much strain on the roots is essential for maintaining healthy locks.

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