Hungary attends evening milking as EU restoration regulation fate remains undecided.

The Roadblock: Hungary Threatens the Success of EU’s Nature Restoration Regulation

The European Union’s Nature Restoration Regulation has faced significant challenges in its final stages of the legislative process. Environment Minister Kai Mykkänen expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation, stating that surprises are arising at the last minute. The regulation aims to improve the state of nature in various habitats, covering at least 20 percent of the EU’s land and sea areas by 2030 and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. This includes habitats such as marshes, wetlands, meadows, waterways, forests, agricultural environments, and urban areas.

Finland had previously voted against the proposal last summer when the Council of Member States formed its position on it. However, a political agreement was reached on the regulation content in tripartite negotiations between the Council of Member States, the European Parliament, and the EU Commission in November. Finland abstained from voting when the council approved the negotiation result due to added flexibilities in the regulation.

The European Parliament approved the negotiation result in February, signaling that restoration would move forward in member countries. However, Hungary changed its position and jeopardized the regulation’s progress. Belgium has been unable to take

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