The NFL trade deadline has been extended until after Week 9.

The NFL’s Trade Deadline Gets a Late Start: New Date Set for Week 9 of the 2024 Season

The NFL’s trade deadline will be moved to the Tuesday after Week 9 starting in the 2024 season. This change was approved during the NFL’s annual meetings, following a proposal by Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry and supported by several teams. Berry’s initial proposal was to move the deadline back two weeks after Week 10, but it was ultimately the Pittsburgh Steelers’ proposal to push it back only one week that received the necessary three-fourths approval to pass.

One of the reasons behind Berry’s proposal was to give teams more flexibility as they head into the second half of the regular season. He argued that moving the trade deadline would provide teams with more time before deciding to sell off their roster, while maintaining the competitive integrity of the season. Berry highlighted that since 2012, the NFL trade deadline has been set for the Tuesday after Week 8, which he believed did not account for teams being eliminated from postseason contention as early as Week 11 in recent years.

The earliest that a team has been eliminated from postseason contention occurred in Week 11 of both 2014 and 2016. By moving the trade deadline after Week 9, Berry believed teams would have additional flexibility in their decision-making process while remaining competitive throughout the season.

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