German economy not in good shape, says finance minister on The Mighty 790 KFGO

The Healthy, But Not Perfect: German Finance Minister Addresses Concerns about Germany’s Economic Competitiveness

In a speech at the London School of Economics, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner addressed concerns about Germany’s economic health. He rejected the notion that Germany is the sick man of Europe, but acknowledged that the country is in need of structural reforms to improve its competitiveness.

Germany’s economy, which is the largest in Europe, struggled last year due to factors such as high energy costs, weak global orders, and record-high interest rates. Despite this, Germany’s economic growth is projected to remain below the average for advanced economies in 2024. However, Lindner compared Germany’s situation to that of the British economy, which is also experiencing a downturn.

He emphasized the need for Germany to reduce red tape, attract workers into the labor market, and mobilize private investment. He also advocated for a single capital market for private investment in the EU, rather than relying on subsidies in the long term. Overall, Lindner stressed that while Germany’s economy is healthy, it is not in the best shape and emphasized the need for structural reforms to strengthen its competitiveness and position in Europe.

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