Telegram is providing free premium subscriptions in exchange for utilizing users’ phone numbers to send authentication SMS messages.

Telegram’s New Peer-to-Peer Login Initiative: A Step Towards Premium Features or a Privacy Concern?

Telegram’s latest program is aimed at providing users with a free premium subscription by sending up to 150 one-time password authentication SMS messages to other users. However, this initiative raises concerns about privacy as it involves sharing phone numbers with other users who log in to the social network.

The premium subscription offered by Telegram includes additional tools such as the ability to upload files up to 4GB, download media content faster, convert voice messages to text, and send exclusive stickers. To access these premium services, users have the option to participate in the new program by using their phone numbers to send OTP SMS messages.

This program, known as peer-to-peer login (P2PL), allows users to voluntarily offer their phone numbers to be used as a relay for OTP SMS messages. By joining this program, users agree to the legal terms set by Telegram, which include allowing their phone numbers to be used for a maximum of 150 OTP SMS messages per month in exchange for a free monthly premium membership.

It is important for users to note that participating in the P2PL program may incur charges from mobile phone operators for the SMS messages sent. Additionally, sharing phone numbers via OTP SMS messages poses risks to user safety, as the recipient of the SMS can potentially misuse the information for spamming or fraud.

Telegram emphasizes that users can withdraw from the program at any time and acknowledges that it is not responsible for any inconvenience, harassment, or damage that may result from users’ participation in the initiative. The company launched the P2PL project with an aim of ensuring reliable delivery of OTP messages but advises users carefully before taking part in this program.

Overall, while Telegram’s new initiative provides an opportunity for free access to premium features, it also raises important privacy concerns that should be taken seriously by all participants. Users must carefully consider whether they are comfortable sharing their personal information with other individuals on social media platforms before deciding whether or not

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