Tackling performance anxiety: The Strad and YCAT Musicians unite for Mental Health Month

Taking Charge of Performance Anxiety: YCAT’s 2023 Musicians’ Mental Health Month Initiative

The third Musicians’ Mental Health Month in April will focus on performance anxiety, and the Young Classical Artists Trust (YCAT) is excited to announce this year’s campaign. YCAT has partnered with the Musicians’ Union (MU), the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), and Tonic Rider for this important initiative.

One of the highlights of the campaign will be an online performance anxiety workshop by Tonic Rider, facilitated by Jade Hughes. Additionally, there will be one-to-one coaching opportunities with Marion Friend, MBE. These events aim to provide musicians with valuable resources and support to help them overcome performance anxiety.

The Musicians’ Union (MU) is also contributing to the campaign by releasing free-to-access performance anxiety resources. These resources will offer guides from both clinical and coaching perspectives, providing musicians with a comprehensive understanding of how to manage their performance anxiety.

“As a musician, educator, and music psychologist myself, I understand firsthand how performance anxiety can impact careers and lives,” says YCAT project manager Kate Blackstone. “Recent graduates may struggle to know where to turn for help and advice, which is why it’s crucial that we at YCAT partner with industry experts to promote new resources that provide ongoing support.”

The 2024 Musicians’ Mental Health Month will run until 30 April. For more information on this important initiative, visit here.

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