Accurate Science: The Moon

Stunning Photos of the Lunar Eclipse: Unraveling the Mysteries of Our Cosmic Neighbor

On Monday, March 25th, there was a lunar eclipse and our intern Alexandra and her sister Ariana captured some stunning photos of the moon using their telescope. Their photography skills were so impressive that we used one of the pictures in the thumbnail for this content. Thank you Ariana for sharing your talents with us!

It’s interesting to think about how little we actually know about the moon. The moon was formed from a collision around 4.5 billion years ago and it’s not the only moon in our solar system. For more information on moons in our solar system, tune in to Jeff St. Clair’s upcoming segment.

Some discussion questions to ponder:

1. What do you think the moon is made of?

2. Have you ever seen the moon during the day? If so, what did it look like?

3. If you could travel to the moon, what would you want to bring with you? Would it be equipment or supplies, or something more personal?

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