UnitedHealth acquires doctor network from Steward Health Care

Steward Health Care Sells Physician Network to Optimize Financial Operations and Improve Patient Care: Implications for the Healthcare Industry in Massachusetts

Steward Health Care, a hospital operator facing financial difficulties with its Massachusetts hospitals, has taken steps to improve its financial situation by selling its national physician network to UnitedHealth’s Optum Care unit. The doctors group, known as Stewardship Health, is being sold as part of Steward’s efforts to strengthen its system of 33 hospitals nationwide.

The sale of Stewardship Health to Optum’s Collaborative Care Holdings, LLC was filed with the state’s Health Policy Commission on Tuesday. The documents did not specify a price for the sale, and Optum officials have not yet provided a comment on the deal. This sale is seen as a way for Steward Health Care to address its financial crisis and make improvements to its operations moving forward.

Last year, the company struggled to pay bills and rents, leading to the need for this strategic move. With the sale of Stewardship Health, the company hopes to reduce expenses and increase revenue streams. Additionally, this move will allow Steward Health Care to focus on improving patient care at their hospitals instead of managing a large physician network.

The sale of Stewardship Health is also expected to have an impact on other healthcare providers in Massachusetts. The physicians in the network will become employees of UnitedHealth and be integrated into Optum’s care delivery system. This could lead to increased competition among healthcare providers in the state and potentially impact patient access and quality of care. However, it is unclear how this will affect other hospitals in the area that are not affiliated with Optum or Steward Health Care.

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