27,000 Gulf Standards and Technical Regulations

Standardization for a Thriving Economy: Celebrating Arab Standardization Day with the GCC Standardization Organization”.

The GCC Standardization Organization and Arab standardization bodies are celebrating Arab Standardization Day on March 25 this year, with the theme of “Standardization for a prosperous economy and a vibrant and sustainable society.” Saud bin Nasser Al-Khasibi, Chairman of the GCC Standardization Organization, emphasized the importance of standardization in improving lifestyles, supporting quality of life, ensuring safety and sustainability, and enhancing sustainability.

Al-Khasibi highlighted that standardization is crucial in establishing legislation, regulations, and standard specifications to promote environmentally responsible practices. The GCC Standardization Organization has been collaborating with national standardization bodies in member states and international and regional organizations to develop Gulf standard specifications and technical regulations. Over 27 thousand Gulf standards and technical regulations have been issued to date, covering various goods and products.

Standardization activities and requirements play a vital role in elevating the quality of goods, products, and services, promoting healthy competition, ensuring safety and quality, supporting national products, reducing technical barriers, and facilitating trade exchange. Additionally, standardization contributes to sustainability by preparing legislation and standard specifications for environmentally responsible practices and protecting the environment through waste reduction, energy efficiency improvement

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