Exploring Self-Care and Rest at Equity in Mental Health Event

Social Justice and Community in Promoting Wellness: A Collaborative Discussion on Self-Care and Rest

The program discussion focused on critical thinking and reflection on the barriers to wellness that exist at individual, institutional, and structural levels. Attendees emphasized the importance of prioritizing rest and well-being as a means of addressing individual struggles while recognizing that societal factors and structures play a significant role in shaping these challenges.

The concept of wellness and rest was examined through a social justice lens, providing participants with a new perspective. They collaborated to brainstorm alternative ways of approaching self-care, recognizing that the commodification of this concept often leads to equating self-care with consumerism.

Speaker Narvaez encouraged attendees to adopt a collectivist approach to self-care and rest, drawing on a quote from bell hooks that emphasizes the value of building communities of resistance. This collective effort allows individuals to support each other and find strength in solidarity, reinforcing the idea that no one is alone in their struggles.

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