Exploring the Topic of Pacemaker Implants: A Breakdown Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Small Pacemakers, Big Changes: How These Devices Improve Heart Function and Eliminate Surgery.

Pacemakers play a crucial role in the electrical system of the heart, as explained by Prof. Birti. These small devices can also improve the synchronization of the mechanical action of the heart and are used to treat heart failure in patients with decreased left ventricular function or specific characteristics present in their ECG chart.

Pacemaker implantation is typically considered a safe procedure, usually done under local anesthesia during surgery. Complications are rare, with the main risks being bleeding in the surgical area and infection. Patients can usually be discharged the day after the procedure and resume normal activities, with the exception of heavy lifting which may damage the pacemaker.

However, there are now tiny pacemakers that can be implanted with a catheter, eliminating the need for surgery. These are mainly used for patients at risk of infections, such as those undergoing dialysis or with immunodeficiency.

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