Educating Others about Lupus: How a Lupus Thriver is Spreading Awareness

Shining a Light on Lupus: The Need for Awareness and Education in Diverse Communities

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently revealed that lupus affects people of all races, but African American and Hispanic women are up to three times more likely than white women to be diagnosed with this autoimmune disease. This underscores the importance of awareness and education about lupus among different communities.

Keva Brooks Napper is a North Carolina woman who has founded an organization called Beautiful Butterflies to educate women about lupus. Having lived with the disease for 21 years, she refers to herself as a “lupus thriver.” Brooks Napper believes in thriving rather than just surviving, emphasizing the importance of excelling in life despite the challenges posed by lupus.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect any part of the body by causing the immune system to become overactive. Brooks Napper has experienced symptoms such as hair loss, skin rashes, skin sensitivity, pleurisy, and inflammation around the heart and lungs. Researchers are working to better understand how lupus develops and what treatments can be most effective for patients with the disease.

Some doctors are now implementing additional measures to identify patients who may require more intensive therapy for lupus. For example, the Yale Lupus Program offers specialized clinics and access to clinical trials to support individuals living with lupus. This initiative is a groundbreaking approach to addressing the needs of those affected by the disease.

To raise awareness and funds for lupus education, Keva Brooks Napper is hosting a Hoops for Lupus event on May 23 at Southeast Guilford High School in Greensboro. The event aims to bring the community together to learn more about lupus and support those affected by the disease. For more information about the event, visit [insert link].

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