The Ukraine aid package has been approved by the US Senate

Senate Approves $95 Billion Foreign Aid Package, But Uncertainty Surrounds Its Passage in House

The United States Senate on Sunday voted overwhelmingly in favor of approving a large foreign aid package, with tens of billions of dollars from the package intended for Ukraine. However, it is still unclear whether the package will advance to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives for further consideration.

Out of a total package of 95 billion dollars (about 88 billion euros), approximately 60 billion dollars (about 55.6 billion euros) would go to Ukraine, while the remainder would be shared between Israel and Taiwan. The Senate is set to vote on the final approval of the package in the middle of the week, and it will require a simple majority to pass, as the initial votes were divided 67-27.

Despite Senate approval, the package is unlikely to become law, as the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is unlikely to pass it. Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, has not indicated whether he plans to let the package go to a House vote. Additionally, there are rumors that there may be changes made to the aid package before it goes through its final stages in Congress.

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