Cunha Science Fair Welcomes Back Students and Community

Science Fair Triumphs: A Return to Normalcy at Cunha Intermediate School

The Science Fair at Cunha Intermediate School marked a significant milestone for the community after two years of remote fairs and virtual submissions. This year, students, parents, and volunteer judges gathered in person to witness the return of the annual event. Kurt Murray, a science teacher at Cunha, expressed excitement at bringing the community back together for the fair.

The poster boards showcased a wide range of scientific studies presented by students. From testing different brands of dental floss to determining if teachers could distinguish between assignments written by humans and artificial intelligence, the studies were diverse and intriguing.

Coastside News Group photographer Anna Hoch-Kenney captured the event on camera, and you can view the gallery online. The in-person presentations marked a refreshing return to normalcy after two years of remote fairs and virtual submissions.

Murray was thrilled with this year’s fair and praised his students’ hard work and dedication to their projects. He stated that it was a testament to their resilience and determination to continue learning despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Overall, this year’s Science Fair at Cunha Intermediate School was a triumphant return to in-person presentations after two years of remote fairs and virtual submissions. It served as a reminder that even in these challenging times, science continues to inspire young minds and bring communities together.

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