AI takes center stage in Samsung’s new Bespoke appliance lineup for enhanced efficiency

Samsung Unveils AI-Powered Bespoke 2024 Appliance Line: Innovating for User Experience and Sustainability

Samsung has announced the global launch of its Bespoke 2024 appliance line, featuring new AI-powered innovations such as the Bespoke Infinite Induction and AI Laundry Combo. The company showcased these products at its Welcome to BESPOKE AI event in Paris, alongside launches in Seoul and New York.

According to Samsung Electronics vice president Jong-Hee (JH) Han, the Bespoke appliances are designed to excel at common tasks and take user experience to the next level with the integration of AI technology and SmartThings connectivity. These devices have been turned into entertainment platforms with control center capabilities, thanks to new features such as 3D Map View and Mobile Smart Connect.

Samsung also highlighted products like the Bespoke French Door refrigerator, induction hobs, vacuum cleaners, and ovens with AI capabilities, including AI Vision Inside and AI Floor Detect technologies. These devices offer personalized user interactions through generative AI, allowing for over 100 interconnected experiences with Samsung products.

As part of its commitment to energy efficiency and cybersecurity, Samsung announced plans to incorporate generative AI into its appliances. The company emphasized software updates for existing appliances and cybersecurity measures like Samsung Knox. Additionally, Samsung introduced initiatives like Samsung Rewards for energy-saving incentives and emphasized safety and IoT security for the Bespoke 2024 appliances.

Overall, Samsung’s goal is to usher in a new era of appliances with cutting-edge technology and connectivity while promoting sustainability through innovation.

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