Salvini: Voters of Lega reject Ursula and the left

Salvini Calls for Unity in Europe as League Urges Vote for Progress and Peace

During the ‘Winds of Change’ event, Matteo Salvini, the secretary of the Northern League, expressed his concerns about Italians supporting Ursula von der Leyen for a second mandate. He stated that Italians who choose the League would not support another term for von der Leyen or the left. Salvini emphasized the need for the upcoming European vote to bring progress and peace to Europe, urging a united effort to reclaim Europe as “our home, not theirs.”

Salvini also criticized those who focus on missiles and called for a collective effort to reshape Europe for the better. He urged a shift in perspective towards a more positive and unified vision for Europe and its future.

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In another part of the speech Salvini emphasized that it is essential to make progress and peace prevail in Europe by working together as one united force. He urged all citizens to come together with common goals in mind to reshape Europe into something better than it currently is.

Overall The event was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about new technologies and products while also gaining insight into important political issues facing our country today. It was clear that Salvini had a strong vision for Italy’s future within Europe but also recognized that we must all work together if we want to achieve true progress.

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