Saint Patrick Catholic School (Bryan) Hosts Science Fair

Saint Patrick Catholic School Hosts Successful Science Fair, Celebrating Student Achievements

Recently, Saint Patrick Catholic School in Bryan held a science fair for its 4th, 5th, and 6th graders. The event took place on February 8 and featured student projects that were judged by 16 community members. The school is proud of the hard work put in by the students to create their projects.

The science fair had winners in different categories, including Superior Award winners and Excellent Award winners. In the Superior Award category, Ava Faulhaber, Brianna Herman, Tony Alcantar, Will Brightman, Carson Connin, Tadzio Krukowski, Cooper Spieth, Lyla Stanley, Carson Henricks, and Wyatt Lauro were recognized for their outstanding achievements. On the other hand, Hanna Tirado-Molina, Jenna Sims, Dayami Tirado-Molina, Nick Grime, Luke Stanley

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