Actor Known for Roles on ‘Generations’ and ‘Another World’ Passes Away at 91

Ron Harper: A Lasting Legacy of Talent and Service

Ron Harper, a renowned actor known for his roles in TV shows and films, passed away on March 21 in West Hills, CA at the age of 91. His daughter, Nicole Longeuay, confirmed his death to The Hollywood Reporter.

Born in Pennsylvania, Harper studied at Princeton before serving in the U.S. Navy. After his service, he moved to New York City and began working as Paul Newman’s understudy in Sweet Bird of Youth on Broadway. He later relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in television.

Harper’s TV career began with a role in NBC’s Tales of Wells Fargo and continued with appearances in shows like Wagon Train, Shotgun Slade, and 87th Precinct, where he portrayed Det. Bert Kling for multiple episodes. Throughout his career, Harper had various recurring roles on television series such as Garrison’s Gorillas, Where the Heart Is, and Planet of the Apes. He also found success in daytime drama by landing roles in shows such as Another World, Loving, and Generations. In more recent years, Harper appeared in Pearl Harbor and portrayed a chairman in The West Wing.

Harper was widely recognized for his talent and contributions to the entertainment industry throughout his long career. He will be deeply missed by many who knew him professionally or personally.

In conclusion, Ron Harper was a highly accomplished actor who had an extensive career spanning over six decades across TV shows and films. His legacy will live on through his work which continues to inspire new generations of actors today.

His daughter confirmed that her father passed away on March 21st at the age of 91 after battling illness for some time now. Harper was born in Pennsylvania but spent most of his life working out west before finally settling down permanently there towards the end of his life.

Throughout his career span from Broadway to TV screens across the country, Harper’s talent shone through every performance he gave no matter how big or small it was.

He was not only a talented actor but also served our country proudly as part of the U.S Navy before moving onto acting full-time.

Harper’s family is still grieving over their loss but they are grateful for all the memories they shared with him throughout their lives together.

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