Amputee with prosthetic hand experiences breakthrough in sensory ability: able to sense temperature

Revolutionizing Prosthetics: Lausanne Scientists Create Thermal Sensing System to Restore Sensations in Amputees

Scientists at the Technical University of Lausanne and Scola Supérieure have made a breakthrough in prosthetic technology with the development of a thermal sensing system. This innovative device has the potential to restore all sensations in amputees, including temperature sensation, adding a human touch to their experience.

During a successful trial, a participant was able to distinguish between bottles of water at different temperatures while also improving their ability to differentiate between human and prosthetic arms. The researchers are now working on improving the system by combining it with other sensations like touch and proprioception.

The team is hopeful that this technology will soon play a significant role in the commercial prosthetic industry, offering amputees an enhanced sense of touch and helping them feel more connected to their environment. Their findings have been published in an article detailing their work, although further research is needed before the technology can be widely available to patients.

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