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Revolutionizing Grid Management: ChatGrid’s AI-Driven Approach to Efficiently Restoring Power

ChatGrid, an innovative technology developed by researchers at a Department of Energy (DOE) laboratory, is set to revolutionize the way grid operators monitor the power grid. The new technology utilizes generative AI and advanced computer systems to streamline decision-making in the event of a disruption, which could play a key role in restoring power to millions of people efficiently.

Shrirang Abhyankar, an optimization and grid modeling researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), along with former PNNL intern Sichen Jin, developed the program that allows a grid operator to ask questions about the grid and receive immediate responses. This new approach allows operators to query data and receive instantaneous answers, which streamlines decision-making.

ChatGrid will operate on supercomputers capable of a billion billion computations per second, providing valuable information to operators about generation capacity, voltage, power flow, and clean energy sources across the grid. The technology is currently in the testing phase, with no specific timeline for when it will be fully operational.

The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill includes various clean energy projects that could benefit from ChatGrid’s capabilities. The technology could assist in bringing online these projects more efficiently and effectively, contributing to a greener future for our planet.

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