Cartherics and TiCARos collaborate to lead advancement of CLIP-CAR technology

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Cartherics and TiCARos Collaborate on CLIP-CAR-NK Therapy

Cartherics, a company specializing in allogeneic NK cell therapies for cancer treatment, has announced a collaboration with TiCARos to develop CAR-NK products. Under the agreement, TiCARos will generate CLIP-CAR constructs that will be incorporated into Cartherics’ NK cells for assessing their function both in vitro and in vivo. This collaboration is aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of cancer therapies by combining TiCARos’ CLIP-CAR technology with Cartherics’ allogeneic NK cell platform.

TiCARos is a company that specializes in developing CAR-T cell products for the treatment of solid and blood cancers using its unique CLIP-CAR approach. This approach modifies the CAR structure to stabilize the immune synapse between immune cells and target tumor cells, resulting in improved efficacy in models. The collaboration between these two companies aims to develop a CAR-NK product targeting tissue factor (TF) for triple negative breast cancer and other challenging cancers. Each company has nominated a specific tumor antigen to target with the CARs, with Cartherics focusing on TF and TiCARos targeting CD19.

If the research collaboration yields positive results, Cartherics and TiCARos will negotiate a development and commercialization agreement for their CAR-NK therapeutic approach. The collaboration between these two companies aims to accelerate pipeline programs and expand the use of TiCARos’ technology beyond autologous cell therapies. By combining innovative technologies like this one, Cartherics aims to build a leading portfolio of therapeutic products for cancer treatment.

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