Advancements in Israeli technology: AI-assisted biopsy

Revolutionizing Cancer Diagnoses: Artificial Intelligence Technology Speeds Up Biopsy Results at Sheba Medical Center

The new development in cancer treatment at the Sheba Medical Center is a game-changer. Imagene, a Tel Aviv start-up company founded in 2020 by three young developers – Dean Bitan, Yonatan Salah and Shahar Porat, has developed an artificial intelligence technology that allows for quick identification of cancerous tumor characteristics within minutes. This technology has revolutionized the way biopsy tests are conducted, as it eliminates the need for human intervention and speeds up the process significantly.

The first phase of implementation was at the Sheba Medical Center, where digital scans of biopsies were used instead of fragile glass transfers between laboratories. This allowed for remote viewing of samples and quick answers to patients even when pathologists were not present in the laboratory. The use of artificial intelligence technology has allowed for faster and more accurate diagnoses, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

Professor Iris Brashak, director of the pathology laboratory at Sheba and chairman of the Israeli Pathology Association, explains how this new development has changed the game: “Since we switched to digital scanning of biopsies, we can view samples from anywhere in the world and give quick answers to patients even when we are not in the lab. Our computers now work overtime analyzing thousands of algorithms to identify tumor characteristics and mutations.”

Within a few minutes after a digital scan is completed, an indication is provided on what type of cancer was identified. This information allows doctors to make informed decisions about treatment options for their patients. The technology has already saved lives by providing quick answers that were previously not available due to long wait times for genetic sequencing results.

Overall, this new development from imagene has greatly improved patient outcomes by providing faster and more accurate diagnoses, allowing doctors to make informed decisions about treatment options within minutes rather than weeks or months later.

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