Dow and P&G collaborate to develop innovative polyethylene recycling technology – Press Release

Revolutionary Collaboration: P&G and Dow Chemical Develop a Sustainable Solution to Extract High-Quality PE from Plastic Waste

Procter & Gamble (P&G) and the Dow Chemical Company have partnered to develop a new process aimed at recovering high-quality polyethylene (PE) from plastic waste that is difficult to recycle. This innovative technology combines the companies’ intellectual property in dissolution recycling, as well as their expertise in large-scale manufacturing and materials science.

The collaboration between the two companies is focused on PE, which can be extracted and used in various new applications once separated from other materials. The process involves using a solvent to separate a specific polymer from impurities found in complex plastic materials.

One of the main objectives of the partnership is to create a process that generates lower emissions compared to traditional fossil-based PE production or other advanced recycling technologies. P&G plans to use the recovered material in new packaging, promoting circularity and maximizing the use of resources. The focus is on post-household plastic waste, including rigid, flexible, and multi-layer packaging.

The work has already begun and will continue until commercialization is achieved. Dissolution recycling has been shown to be an effective way of extracting high-quality PE from plastic waste, making it an attractive option for companies looking for sustainable solutions for their production processes.

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