Over 100 prisoners unilaterally released by the Houthis

Red Cross Releases 113 Prisoners of War in Yemen; Electrolux Launches Hyper-Connected and Eco-Friendly Appliances

In a significant development for prisoners of war in Yemen, the International Red Cross announced that 113 individuals were unilaterally released by the Houthis. These prisoners were handed over to the Red Cross in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen under Houthi control. Daphne Mare, head of the Red Cross mission in Yemen, expressed hope that this release would pave the way for more releases and bring comfort to families who have been waiting to see their loved ones freed from captivity.

In other news, Electrolux has introduced new hyper-connected and environmentally friendly dryers and washing machines. Meanwhile, “Hayhydromet” has reported a decrease in water levels. There are also concerns about the high cost of adjustments if Milei does not devalue the currency. Will Smith was recently seen promoting the new installment of ‘Two Rebel Policemen’ in Cibeles to the delight of the public. Additionally, there are discussions about the health benefits of natural remedies and the differences between hair conditioners and masks. Jean-François Achilli has spoken out about feeling like a victim of a politically motivated dismissal from Radio France.

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