A sudden paralysis struck the 19-year-old boy

Rare Benign Spinal Cord Tumor Leads to Paralysis – The Importance of Seeking Medical Attention

A 19-year-old man in Phu-Tho had been experiencing leg pain for weeks, but he chose not to see a doctor. Two weeks later, his condition worsened, resulting in paralysis of both legs and loss of feeling.

Dr. Vi Truong Son, the Head of the Surgery Department at Phu Tho General Hospital, explained that an MRI scan revealed an epidural tumor pressing on the patient’s spinal cord. The tumor was identified as a benign schwannoma, which can compress the spinal cord and nerves, leading to limb weakness.

Surgery was performed to remove the tumor and decompress the spinal cord. While there were no lasting effects for the patient, rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy are expected to help him regain feeling and movement in his legs soon.

It is important to seek medical attention if experiencing symptoms such as back pain, limb weakness or numbness in the limbs to prevent serious consequences. Spinal cord tumors are typically benign, but as they grow, they can compress the spinal cord and nerves resulting in limb weakness. Timely examination and treatment are crucial in managing conditions like these.

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