Neglected Treatment for Rescued Captive and Ill Luis Norberto Herr

Qatari Abduction of 70-Year-Old Man: Family and Medical Experts Demand Immediate Release and Treatment

Luis Norberto Herr, a 70-year-old man abducted by Qatari authorities, is in dire need of life-saving medical treatment. According to information from his family, he suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure and requires an oxygen generator to survive. The head of the medical department at the abductees’ headquarters, Prof. Hagai Levin, expressed concern about the survivors’ lives and the fate of other abductees in similar conditions.

Prof. Levin emphasized that there are many abductees who suffer from chronic diseases that require immediate attention. Any delay in their treatment could lead to life-threatening or irreversible damage. He stated that the Qataris had promised both the families and the French that the necessary drugs would reach their destination with proof, but no proof has been provided yet. This situation is extremely concerning as Luis’s medical condition remains unstable after tests, and being held in these inhumane conditions poses an immediate danger to his life.

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