Putin blames radical Islamists for Moscow attack, questions motives

Putin Acknowledges Islamist Involvement in Moscow Concert Hall Attack: Who Stands to Benefit and What are True Motives Behind It?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that the attack on a concert hall near Moscow last Friday was carried out by radical Islamists. The attack resulted in the deaths of at least 139 people. In a press conference, Putin stated that the crime was committed by individuals with an ideology that has been fought against for centuries within the Islamic world.

Despite acknowledging the involvement of radical Islamists, Putin raised questions about who stands to benefit from the attack. He suggested that Ukrainian authorities may be linked to the event and emphasized the importance of further investigation to determine the true motives behind it.

Putin connected the attack to those who have been opposing Russia since 2014, referring to them as a neo-Nazi regime in Kyiv. He believed that the perpetrators sought to spread chaos and instability in Russia, but acknowledged the unity and determination of the Russian people in resisting such evil acts.

Alexander Bastrikin, director of the Russian Investigative Committee (FSB), provided details about the attack, including its timeline and weapons used by suspects. Over 200 searches and seizures related to the case have been conducted, with 11 people arrested for their involvement in carrying out the attack.

The suspects have confessed to their involvement in carrying out

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