Police in Jordan make arrests during third day of anti-Israel protests

Protests in Jordan: Activists Call for an End to Israeli Agreements Amidst Rising Tensions

On the third consecutive evening, demonstrators gathered near the Israeli Embassy in Amman, Jordan to protest against Israel. Thousands of people attempted to approach the embassy on March 26, but were pushed back by police and gendarmerie. The protesters are calling on the Jordanian government to take concrete actions against Israeli aggression towards the Palestinian people. They are demanding that all agreements with Israel be cancelled, including the peace treaty, gas agreement and restrictions on land delivery of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan.

Reports from local media suggest that police are detaining individuals who are violating public order. Additionally, an anti-Israeli demonstration is also taking place in Aqaba, where portraits of Yahya Sinouar and Hamas flags can be seen.

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As tensions rise between Israelis and Palestinians, it is crucial for governments around the world to take action to prevent further conflict. Many protesters have called for an end to all agreements with Israel until they respect international laws regarding human rights violations against Palestinians.

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