What is worrying Prince Harry about Meghan Markle’s new business venture?

Prince Harry: I Support Meghan’s Business, But My Upholding Family Traditions Makes Me Uneasy

As Meghan Markle launches her new lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard, Prince Harry has expressed his support for his wife’s endeavor. However, there is a part of him that feels uncomfortable due to his upbringing in a family that may not have approved of such commercial activities.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn, Harry is fully behind Meghan’s new venture and thinks it’s a great idea. However, he also acknowledges that he grew up in a family that would not have looked kindly on this type of business endeavor. This discomfort does not deter Harry from supporting Meghan wholeheartedly.

On the other hand, Meghan is excited to step into the spotlight more frequently as she promotes her latest venture. Richard Eden, a royal commentator, suggests that Prince Harry will accompany his wife as she embarks on this new chapter in her life.

Meghan has put a lot of time and effort into developing American Riviera Orchard, with insiders revealing that she spent over a year working on it. The brand focuses on things that are close to her heart and things she is passionate about. Despite any controversy surrounding the timing of the launch, which coincided with a significant date related to Princess Diana’s legacy, Meghan stands by her business and believes in its mission.

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