UConn Health Minute: Understanding Colon Cancer

Preventing Colon Cancer: A Guide from UConn Health’s Dr. Alyson Cunningham

Colon cancer is a major health concern, but UConn Health colorectal surgeon Dr. Alyson Cunningham believes it can be prevented through regular screenings and lifestyle changes. Dr. Cunningham emphasizes the importance of early detection and intervention in the fight against this deadly disease.

As a colorectal surgeon at UConn Health, Dr. Cunningham is dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of screening for colon cancer. She strongly recommends regular screenings for individuals at risk and encourages lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of developing this disease.

Dr. Cunningham works with her patients to develop personalized screening plans and provides guidance on making positive lifestyle changes to improve overall well-being. Through her work, she strives to empower individuals to take control of their health and reduce their risk of developing colon cancer.

Her dedication to raising awareness about colon cancer prevention is making a significant impact on the lives of her patients and the community as a whole. By encouraging early detection and intervention, Dr. Cunningham is helping to prevent the devastating effects of this disease and improve overall health outcomes for those at risk.

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