Portugal’s Parliament Reconvenes to Elect President After Initial Vote Fails

Portugal Faces Uncertainty in Presidential Election: No Candidate Secures Majority in First Round

After the recent legislative elections in Portugal, the new Parliament faced challenges in electing its president on Tuesday. The close results of the elections on March 10 led to a complicated configuration of the chamber, making it difficult to achieve an absolute majority for any candidate.

In the final vote of the day, neither conservative candidate José Pedro Aguiar-Branco nor socialist candidate Francisco Assis was able to secure the 116 votes required to be elected president. With Aguiar-Branco receiving 88 votes and Assis receiving 90 votes, the temporary president of the Assembly of the Republic, communist Antonio Filipe, announced that the session would be postponed until the following day for another attempt.

Despite the delays and uncertainty surrounding the election, Filipe lightened the mood by joking that he would not be spending the night at the official residence until

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