Vatican’s Pope expresses regret over casualties of war in Gaza and Ukraine

Pope Francis Calls for Peace in Gaza and Ukraine, Urges Compassion and Humanity

On Wednesday, Pope Francis of the Vatican made a heartfelt plea for peace in Gaza and Ukraine, denouncing the “folly of war.” The Pope expressed deep regret over the recent killing of aid workers in Gaza and praised an Ukrainian soldier who lost his life in the conflict with Russia.

In his sermon, Pope Francis held up the belongings of a Ukrainian soldier named Oleksandr, who died at the age of 23 in February. He urged everyone to pause and reflect on the senselessness of war and to pray for those who have lost their lives. The soldier’s story serves as a reminder of the destruction caused by conflict and the need for peace.

The seven aid workers from World Central Kitchen charity were tragically killed in Gaza, described by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as unintentional and tragic. Pope Francis offered his condolences to their families and called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, as well as access to humanitarian aid. He also urged Israel to release its detainees and engage in dialogue with Palestinians to resolve the ongoing violence between them.

The Pope’s appeal for peace comes at a time when both Gaza and Ukraine are experiencing ongoing violence, with civilians caught in crossfire. His message serves as a reminder that dialogue, compassion, and humanity are necessary to build a more peaceful world. As he continues to call for peace across the globe, we can all take inspiration from his words: “Let us never forget that war is always destructive.”

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