PETA calls for an end to carousel animals for animal welfare

PETA Calls for Animal-Free Carousels: Promoting Creativity and Compassion in Amusement Parks

PETA, an animal protection organization, is well-known for its advocacy against wearing fur and promoting a vegan lifestyle. Its prominent representatives include Pamela Anderson and designer Harald Glööckler, as well as many influencers.

Lately, PETA in the USA has made a demand to the largest manufacturer of carousels, urging it to stop using animals such as horses, dolphins, and elephants in amusement parks. This call comes from the belief that using animals for human pleasure is not acceptable.

Instead of animals, PETA suggests that carousels should use vehicles such as planes or spaceships, or more magical objects such as shooting stars or witches’ brooms. This change would allow children to play and learn while gaining respect and compassion for living and sentient beings.

PETA has called on all carousel manufacturers to adopt designs that inspire children’s creativity and promote humanity, rather than continue using old-fashioned animal-themed rides.

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